Unlock Your Creative Potential

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your artistic journey? This course is your roadmap to unlocking endless creativity and joy in your art.

Designed for artists, this course tackles the common hurdles that hold you back. Dive deep into practical techniques across 6 transformative parts, each promising to rejuvenate your passion and productivity.

Each part of this course is a step towards breaking free from creative blocks, designed to guide you towards a more inspired, productive, and fulfilling artistic practice. Join us now and reignite the spark that drives your creativity forward.

Face Your Fears

Learn to embrace imperfection and find freedom in creating 'okay' art. Discover the liberating truth: "Literally, no one cares."

Inspire Through Environment

Transform your workspace into a source of endless inspiration, tailored uniquely to you.

Explore Across Disciplines

Uncover the synergy between different forms of art. Let poetry influence your paintings, and dreams fuel your designs.

About Jessi Dahlquist

Jessi Dahlquist is a contemporary mixed media artist from Huntington Beach California who now resides near Austin, Texas. She uses mark making, bright color and pattern to tell her story. 

Jessi Dahlquist's story is a story of transformation. Embarrassed and afraid of being herself in her early years, Jessi turned to drugs and was in the darkness of heroin addiction for many years. Once healed from addiction she worked as a counselor, helping others heal from their past and find who they truly are inside. Her work as an artist is heavily influenced by her time as a counselor and passion for encouraging others. She has a heart to see others heal and be free!

Letter From Jessi

I'm Jessi Dahlquist, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to "Overcoming Creative Blocks"

If you've ever found yourself staring blankly at your canvas, notepad, or screen, wondering if your passion has ghosted you for good, you're not alone. Every artist goes through different levels of creative blocks and resistance to create at different phases of their journey. I have been through every phase and I have learned a lot of tricks and tips in the process. I made this course to help get you unstuck. My goal is that you feel free from pressure and have fun with your art.

Let's turn one of your greatest struggles into a stepping stone towards greater creativity and fulfillment! Every great challenge holds a key to your greatest breakthrough. Trust the messy creative process and get working again!

Sign up for "Overcoming Creative Blocks" today and rediscover the joy and freedom of creating without boundaries.